Monday, June 17, 2024

Ghanaian CEO Empowers Women Across Africa in Fight Against Poverty

In an inspiring initiative, Queen Fatima Zahra Hassan , CEO of Ghanaian Natural luxury cosmetics brand; Modara Jadore Cosmetics Limited, is embarking on a continent-wide tour titled “Sisterhood Across Borders.” This program aims to empower women, young and old, with the skills they need to become entrepreneurs, achieve financial Security and fight poverty within their communities.

Jadore’s journey began in Togo and has progressed through Nigeria Ghana and Cameroon, with Zambia being her current stop. There, she’s not only sharing her expertise in crafting luxury soaps but also delivering empowering talks. These workshops are designed to provide lasting impact, equipping participants with the knowledge, confidence, and tools to become the primary breadwinners for their families, especially during challenging economic times.

This initiative directly addresses the economic hardships faced by many African families. By equipping women with entrepreneurial skills and the confidence to launch their own businesses, Jadore as she is affectionately called is contributing significantly to the fight against poverty, and stimulating economic growth.

The “Sisterhood Across Borders” initiative is gaining widespread attention and support. It’s bringing much-needed focus to the critical role female entrepreneurs’ play in Africa’s socio-economic development. As Jadore continues her mission, her impact is expected to transcend the borders of the countries she visits, inspiring a new generation of women entrepreneurs across the continent.

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