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The Executive Director of the Mother of All Nations Foundation, Zico Ishaq Abubakar Newton, has made a resounding call for increased government support for teachers while emphasizing the crucial role they play in shaping the nation’s future. Speaking at an event organized by Move the World Ghana to celebrate World Teacher’s Day, Mr. Newton underscored the need for educators to receive better resources, fair compensation, and continuous professional development.

At the heart of Mr. Newton’s message was the conviction that investing in teachers equates to investing in the nation’s youth and the overall development of Ghana. He urged the government to prioritize teachers’ well-being, recognizing that they are the architects of the nation’s educational landscape.

Moreover, Mr. Newton advocated for an improved working environment for teachers, emphasizing that a positive atmosphere is essential for educators to excel in their vital roles. He called for collective efforts to create an environment where teachers can thrive and continue to provide quality education to students.

In addition to his call for government support, Mr. Newton urged communities to take a more active role in celebrating teachers. He proposed localizing Teacher’s Day celebrations to ensure that every teacher who positively impacts children in various communities receives acknowledgment and appreciation.

“By celebrating teachers within our communities, we boost their confidence levels and give them the opportunity to touch even more lives in our various localities,” Mr. Newton stated. He added that teachers not only impart knowledge but also instill character and values in the younger generation.

Mr. Newton’s call to action aligns with the overarching message of the event organized by Move the World Ghana, which aims to promote attractive and enjoyable teaching careers through innovative approaches. This celebration of World Teacher’s Day highlighted the significance of educators and the transformative power of education when it becomes a joyful and engaging journey for all involved.

In conclusion, Mr. Newton’s impassioned appeal serves as a reminder of the vital role teachers play in society and the need for both government support and community recognition of their contributions. As Ghana continues to strive for quality education and the empowerment of its educators, advocates like Mr. Newton reinforce the importance of fostering an environment where teachers can thrive and continue to shape the nation’s future leaders.

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