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Madina is preparing to host its first-ever business summit as a significant step toward strengthening economic development and addressing urgent community issues. The event, scheduled for September 9, 2023, aims to empower local businesses and foster sustainable development in the Madina community and its environs by bringing together a diverse array of industry experts and stakeholders.


Mr. Abdul Jabir Lantam, Co-Founder of Coldsis IT Solutions, Hajia Sauda, CEO of Hajia Sauda Restaurant, and Abdul Mumin Suleman, CEO and Creative Director of Onyansani Clothing are among the notable resource persons for this groundbreaking initiative. These accomplished entrepreneurs and visionaries will share their abundance of experience and insights, providing attendees with valuable knowledge on business expansion, financial sustainability, and creative skill monetization.

Mr. Ishaq Abubakar Zico Newton, executive director of the Mother of All Nations Foundation, is the primary force behind this transformative occurrence. He envisions the business summit as an integral component of this year’s Madina Festival, using entertainment as a tool to strategically address pressing community issues. By incorporating business development into the celebrations, the organizers hope to reduce unemployment, eliminate poverty, foster partnerships, and improve the community’s financial record-keeping practices.

It is anticipated that the Madina Business Summit will feature a meticulously structured agenda with informative seminars, practical training sessions, and networking opportunities. These components are intended to provide local business owners with knowledge that can be implemented promptly to improve their enterprises.

The summit’s comprehensive approach seeks to empower artisans and small businesses with 21st-century ideas for global growth, thereby enhancing the overall economic landscape of Madina and its environs.

As the countdown to the Madina Business Summit continues, the community’s excitement grows. It is viewed not only as a chance for businesses to flourish but also as a way to promote enduring positive change in Madina.

The inaugural event promises to be a turning point in Madina’s pursuit of sustainable economic growth and social advancement, signaling the beginning of a new era of opportunity and expansion.

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