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Madina Festival Organizers Pay Courtesy Call to Sariki Abass Giwa.

In a bid to engage the Madina community and beyond in a transformative cultural experience, the organizers of the Madina Festival paid a courtesy call to Sariki Abass Giwa, a prominent real estate developer and a businessman within the community. The visit, led by Ibrahim Salifu and  Zico Abubakar Ishaq Newton, aimed to discuss the festival’s objectives and impact, with a special focus on fostering community development.

During the meeting at Sariki Abass Giwa’s residence in Ashaley Botwei, the organizers elaborated on the diverse elements of the Madina Festival, which is set to take place from September 8th to 10th. Among the highlights discussed were the Madina Business Forum, the Art and Talent Street Fair, and the climactic durbar scheduled for September 10th.

Sariki Abass Giwa expressed his enthusiasm for the festival, emphasizing that it was long overdue for the Madina community. He highlighted the importance of engaging the youth in meaningful activities and discussions. Recognizing the challenges posed by drug abuse among young people, he suggested the inclusion of a drug abuse awareness talk in the festival’s programming. He passionately stated, “Most young people believe that most successful individuals achieved their status through drug use, but little do they know that this is an untrue perception. How can drugs that weaken you make you strong?”

Pledging his support, Sariki Abass Giwa expressed his intention to be actively involved in the festival’s activities, both in terms of participation and financial support. He also shared plans to encourage the participation of fellow chiefs from the Madina community in the climactic durbar event.

The visit was broadcast live on Acupa Entertainment’s TikTok platform, a partner festival partner. Within just five minutes of the discussion, the live stream garnered over 2.5k viewers, indicating strong community interest in the upcoming event.

The Madina Festival is set to be a ground-breaking occasion, marking the first of its kind to be hosted in Madina. The festival’s itinerary promises a diverse range of events, including clean-up exercises, bike life, Quranic and Bible competitions, business summits, and the vibrant talent and art street fairs. The festivities will culminate in a grand durbar on September 10th, inviting visitors from all corners locally and internationally to join the celebrations.

The festival is expected to not only create an entertaining and enriching experience for attendees but also bring a surge of visitors to the Madina community, thus contributing to its growth and development.

As the anticipation continues to build, the Madina Festival is poised to leave an indelible mark on the local community and beyond, fostering unity, cultural appreciation, and societal progress.

For more information about the Madina Festival and its lineup of events, please visit the official facebook page of Madina Zongo Youth Movement

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