In a remarkable demonstration of commitment to educational advancement, on August 23, 2023 Mr. Ibrahim Abdul Razak (Cisse) (Assemblyman), along with his dedicated unit committee members, spearheaded a distribution campaign that provided 11,000 educational materials to various private and public schools in the Madina West Electoral Area. The initiative aims to enrich the learning experience and diversify educational resources available within the schools’ libraries, fostering a conducive environment for students’ growth and development.

Mr. Razak and team making a presentation

The well-executed endeavor left a lasting impact on the educational landscape within the Madina West Electoral Area, benefiting a total of eleven schools. Among the fortunate recipients were prominent institutions such as Savior Presby School, Mariam Ideal International School, Untoma Oxford School, Firdaws International School, Smart Brains International School, Gina International School, Mount Sinai School, Umar Bun Hatab Islamic School, Mother of Pearl School, Mother of All Nations School, and Eve Nursery School.
The distribution drive has garnered immense appreciation from the community, as it reflects the collective determination to enhance the quality of education for the area’s youth. By providing a wide range of educational materials, from textbooks to supplementary resources, the initiative seeks to nurture well-rounded learners and contribute to the development of critical thinking skillsMr. Ibrahim Abdul Razak (Cisse) and his unit committee members expressed their gratitude for the enthusiastic participation of the schools and the community’s warm reception of this initiative. They highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts in fostering a conducive learning environment and enabling students to access a diverse array of knowledge resources.
This commendable initiative would not have been possible without the support of various individuals and organizations. Special gratitude to Life for Relief and Development Organization led by Mallam Umar for providing us with the educational materials. Also to Mr. Mohammed Seidu, Hajia Halimatu Sadia Ishaq, Sarki Umar Tahiru, Alhaj Ismail Abdulai Nawawie, and Yussif Mohammed who all played pivotal roles in ensuring the success of this campaign, further emphasizing the significance of community partnerships in driving positive change.
Mr Abdul Razak the assemblyman of Madina West Electoral Area continues to champion the cause of education, initiatives such as this stand as a testament to the potential for transformative impact when communities rally together to support the growth and development of their young learners.


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