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“You Will Pass Your BECE 2023” Project to Boost Confidence of Basic School Students

In an inspiring effort to boost the confidence and academic performance of final-year students preparing for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) 2023, renowned Community Development Practitioner Zico Abubakar Ishaq Newton, mostly known as “King Zico,” has launched the transformative project called “You Will Pass Your BECE’ for 2023

King Zico, who once struggled academically but turned his life around to excel in his own BECE exams, addressed a group of enthusiastic students at the launch event held in Accra. He shared his touching personal story of how he transformed himself into a successful student within a mere two weeks before his BECE exams. His message of determination and self-belief resonated deeply with the young audience, instilling them with the belief that they too can achieve remarkable results.

The highlight of the project is the distribution of specially designed BECE certificates to the students, allowing them to fill in the grade they believe they can achieve. These certificates are then placed on their study books and prominently displayed at their homes, serving as constant reminders of the promises they have made to themselves to succeed.

“I want each of you to wake up every morning and look at your certificate, knowing that you have the power within you to achieve greatness,” King Zico passionately expressed to the students.

Furthermore, King Zico has crafted a powerful daily affirmation poem for the students to recite every morning as a means of motivation and self-empowerment. This practice is expected to instill a positive mindset and bolster their confidence as they approach the crucial exams.

The project also emphasizes a structured study plan. King Zico advised the students to assess their subject strengths and create a suitable study timetable. “Success comes with preparation and hard work. Plan your studies diligently, and you will see the results,” he encouraged.

Prayer also plays an essential role in King Zico’s project. He urged the students to seek divine guidance and a retentive memory while preparing for the exams. “Believe in the power of prayer. Ask for help, and you shall receive,” he said.

The impact of King Zico’s approach is already evident from last year’s implementation of a similar project. At the Umar Bun Hatab Basic School in Madina-Zongo, where the highest aggregate had been 18, the project coupled with the remarkable efforts of the teachers resulted in a tremendous transformation, with a student achieving a single-digit aggregate of 08.

King Zico was elated with the outstanding improvement and rewarded the student, Daniel Adenyo,who is currently a student of presec boys Senior High School  with a brand new laptop. “Daniel’s achievement is proof that determination and self-belief can lead to remarkable success. I am proud to have played a part in his journey,” he expressed with delight.

As the “You Will Pass Your BECE 2023” project sets out to motivate thousands of Ghanaian students across the nation, it is hoped that their newfound confidence and determination will propel them to surpass their own expectations and achieve academic excellence.

The project has received overwhelming support from educators, parents, and the general public. Many have praised King Zico’s dedication to empowering young minds and transforming their futures.

With the support of King Zico’s motivational message and the implementation of his strategies, the students of Ghanaian basic schools are ready to embrace their BECE exams with newfound confidence and determination, proving that they too can achieve greatness.

In a country where education is valued and revered, King Zico’s “You Will Pass Your BECE 2023” project shines as a beacon of hope, guiding these young students towards a brighter and more promising future.

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