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Land owner evicts over 1000 residents at Buduburam

A litigant in a land dispute forced around 1,000 residents of Suncity, a suburb of Buduburam, to leave their homes, leaving them stranded.

The locals regret that they were not given enough time to leave the area.

Under the direction of a police task force, the litigant known only as SNBB forcibly removed the residents from their homes.

The impacted individuals’ personal things were removed from their rooms, and the doorways were secured with new padlocks given by the plaintiff.

The person suing for ownership of the land has prevailed in a lawsuit against nearby property owners.
The litigant claims that the court has granted him permission to demolish every home in order to reclaim his land.


Some stranded residents who shared their frustrations with The New Ghana Media said they were not given prior notice before they were thrown out of their rooms.

“They are not land guards but the way they did the operation is scary. You wake up early morning, and you see Police and Taskforce at your doorstep evicting you. No one has informed us about the demolition and this is not good. They initially wrote on the walls giving us a warning, but we didn’t know it was that serious. People are crying over the issues,” a resident narrated in a Citi News interview.

Another said “We were here this morning when the Taskforce came and told us to move from the area. We don’t have anywhere to go, and I can’t go to my village because there is nothing there for me. We need government intervention.”

“We are tenants here, and we have never built a house so if they tell us to move just today, it is not a good thing. If you are ejecting me in just two minutes and telling me to move my belongings out, it is not something that should be encouraged.

“I have a three-week-old baby and I don’t know where to go. We want to appeal to the owner of the land to calm down and negotiate with us.”

The litigant declined to speak to the media about the development

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