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The 6th West African Herbal & Alternative Medicines Awards 2023 in conjunction with the Africmedia Galaxy and the Traditional Medicine Practice Council (TMPC) of the Ministry of Health awarded Hijama Herbal Clinic the Best Cupping Treatment Center of the Year, Islamic Medicine Research Center of the Year and Islamic Medicine School of the Year in Ghana.

The West African Herbal and Alternative Medicines Awards is an annual event seeking to acknowledge our gallant men and women who through natural means, treat people with various kinds of diseases through herbal and alternative practices.

Dr. Iddris, who received the three awards, said he was thankful to Allah for the award.

He said the awards are dedicated to his staff at Hijama Herbal Clinic, his parents and to all young Ghanaian entrepreneurs, especially young Muslims in the Zongo.

He said he started this journey from a humble beginning and that he never thought it will get him to where he is now. But day in day out, things are getting better and better by Allah’s will. Last year, it was one award but this year, it is three.

Dr. Idris Abdul Nasir Sambari said, the awards are just a motivation to keep going but his greatest dream is to keep giving his best in working and helping many young people to learn the profession of Cupping Treatment so that they can create jobs for themselves for a better Ghana.

Dr. Idriss Abdul Nasir has been facilitating workshops on Hijama Therapy at the Lagos State University and also trained over 400 students from Africa and beyond in Hijama Therapy who are making a living out of the training as entrepreneurs, through his Hijama Academy.

He also called on the youth to look into herbal and alternative medicine as there are great opportunities for them to create jobs for themselves

Dr. Iddris said Hijama Herbal Clinic and the Academy were established to provide good health care to Ghanaians and training people in Hijama Therapy.

He called on Ghanaians to pass by the state of the art Hijama Herbal Clinic to experience cupping (Hijama) therapy.

It is situated at Lapaz, behind Ecobank near Hajia Fatima Bint Rasool Masjid.

Apart from cupping, the following therapies are administered by specialists in the various areas. Fire therapy, Dorn therapy, Moxibustion, Leech therapy, Maggot therapy, Bone setting, Massage, Ruqya (Islamic Spiritual Healing), Dietetics and nutritional support, mental health and substance use counseling and Militi Islamia (A.A) meetings.

Dr. Idris Abdul Nasir Sambari thanks the organizers of the awards for their great work for mother Ghana

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