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Hostess makes your event memorable -Miss Linda Annang

Ushering in Ghana is gradually making its way up the ladder, as many are beginning to recognize its importance in the industry. It‘s no doubt that these ladies are making an impact in the industry and Linda Annang a level 400 university of Ghana student  is proud to be a part of it and these are her thoughts

Imagine attending a program that you might not want to, imagine attending a program that does not cater to your needs, and imagine having mood swings before attending the program.

Zico Ishaq Abubakar Newton You are a diamond in the midst of monkeys. By Zico Abubakar Ishaq Newton


According to Linda, the first person one typically meets at the program  is a hostess, chosen not randomly, but for her beauty and bubbly aura that makes guests feel welcomed. Many organizers have come to recognize the importance of making their guests feel valued and have thus come to rely on ushering and hostess agencies.

These ladies are employed to see to the needs or wants of guests, possessing excellent customer service skills, a positive attitude, organizational skills, people skills, teamwork, time management, problemsolving, and multitasking skills. You wouldn‘t want a guest to attend a program and afterward say they found it difficult getting a place to sit or getting water to drink; that would be bad for business. She added

Working in the entertainment industry, it‘s always a plus when a compliment such asI loved how the program was orchestrated orI felt important as the hostess saw to my needs is given; it goes a long way in building and solidifying  a brand of the company.

Linda Annang is an experienced and professional hostess who has been in the industry for a while now. She has hosted several events and programs, ranging from corporate events to entertainment. She is wellversed in ushering in etiquette, and her ability to engage and interact with guests has earned her a reputation as one of the best in the business. From her warm welcome to her friendly attitude, Linda Annang who works with the Chic Choix agency is the perfect choice for any event or program.

With Chic Choix agency headed by Miss Barbara Sekyia Padie you can be sure that your guests will have a pleasant and enjoyable experience

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