Monday, April 22, 2024

I will work with only 60 ministers and deputies – Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama has announced that, if reelected President in the 2024 general elections, he will assemble a government comprising only 60 ministers and deputy ministers.

“I shall assemble and operate the leanest but most efficient government under our fourth republic. We will reduce, significantly, the size of the government. As I announced in my Ghana We Want address at UPSA late last year, I will form a government of less than sixty (60) ministers and deputy ministers of state.”

The former President made the comments during his campaign launch at the Cedi Auditorium at the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ho, in the Volta Region. He also promised to probe the expenditure of Covid19 funds and ensure proper accountability of all public funds.

“Fellow countrymen and women, the time has come for Ghanaians to receive proper accountability from those they elect to political office. This accountability can only be achieved by a new party in government. I promise Ghanaians, that I shall investigate how public funds were expended and this includes the Covid-19 Audit and the findings from the Auditor-General’s reports over the years”.

“We must clean the Augean stables and rid them of the filth and corruption. The anti-corruption will be given unfettered space to do their work. The days of the infamous ‘clearing agent’ will be well and truly over. But to ensure efficiency and professionalism in this endeavour, institutions of the state would be empowered to be independent in their work. State-owned enterprises will not be a gravy train for political apparatchiks.”

Mr. Mahama added that the failure of the AkufoAddo government did not excite him. He stated that it has never been his desire that his political opponents would fail, and that it is his vision that Ghana will progress, regardless of who is in charge.

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