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The Importance of Communication in Laboratory Services.

Communication is generally understood as the exchange of ideas between two entities/elements. It is considered an inevitable part of human interactions, relationship, and engagements. Indeed, Communication is the fulcrum around which human activities and advancements revolve. Suffice it to say that lack of transparent, clear, and effective relationship between laboratory service providers and their clients could pose serious damage to the accuracy and integrity of laboratory results, eventually leading to adverse health complications and outcomes. In this article, I share three importance of timely and effective communication between laboratory service providers and their clients.

1.Effective Communications ensures accuracy of Lab results.
Throughout the testing process, the need for the laboratory service provider to communicate effectively and clearly cannot be overemphasized. In fact, this goes to the core of the accuracy of test result. Also, by communicating clearly, service providers can provide clear instructions and guidance to their clients throughout the testing process. Any breakdown in communication between these parties could jeopardize the ability of laboratory service providers to return accurate results. Conversely, effective communications will ensure that the right tests are performed, the samples are handled correctly, and the results are interpreted accurately.

2.Effective Communications engenders Trust between the provider and clients.
The ability of each party to communicate during the testing processes results clearly and courteously in trust. This enables the client to be more transparent and open to the service provider in the processes. Because medical tests are highly personal in nature, building trust is critical if the relationship is to be sustained. Through open lines of communication, Laboratory service providers can address any questions or concerns that may arise during the testing process, preventing errors and ensuring sustained trust between the parties.

3.Timely Communication Reduces Anxiety.
It is trite knowledge that conducting some forms of Laboratory tests come with its own fair share of anxiety, nervousness, and panic. Indeed, the anxiety associated with getting tested is the reason why some people avoid the process all together. To avert this situation, the need for the laboratory service provider to provide personalized, and timely assurances to the client cannot be over-emphasized. When communication between Laboratory service providers and their clients is timely, it goes a long way to displace the nervousness that come with waiting for the test results. This eventually reduces clients’ tendency of avoiding getting tested or even self-medicating.

In the nutshell, it is critical to choose Laboratory service providers who go out of their way to provide personalized, clear, and accurate information to you. Great results are always a function of the choices you make.
The Writer is a Marketing Communications Professional for Alabaster Laboratories in Accra.05944399599.

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