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NDC Youth of Ayawaso North pick form for Abdul Salaam to Contest in Parliamentary Primaries

Ambassador Alhaji Abdul Salam Amadu, a business mogul in the Ayawaso North Constituency, has been in the news for the past few weeks due to calls on him from his people to contest for the NDC primaries and lead the party into the 2024 parliamentary elections.

According to the community, Ambassador Alhaji Abdul Salam Amadu serves as one of the few inspirational young men in the community, who has demonstrated a great sense of love and support for the people of the community.

Aside from owning businesses that have supported thousands of young men and women in the Nima-Mamobi community, he has also supported the welfare of people through education, health, employment, youth development, etc.
He is greatly noted for his philanthropic works in the community.

On Friday, February 24, the NDC youth picked up nomination forms for Alhaji Abdul Salam Amadu following the opening of nominations by the party.

They then proceeded to the head office of Afro-Arab to formally present their offer to Ambassador Abdul Salaam, who is currently out of the country, pleading with him to heed their request to contest in the upcoming NDC primaries in the constituency.

They were received by some members of the Afro Arab Group of Companies on his behalf, who promised to relay the information to Alhaji Salam Amadu, and the youth were assured that he will respond to their call once he gets back into the country.

Alhaji Abdul Salam Amadu will be contesting with the incumbent (Hon. Yussif Jajah, Member of Parliament) and Alhaji Sadik if he accepts the call of the NDC youth in the constituency.

However, amid the calls by the NDC youth, there have been NPP flyers of Alhaji Abdul Salam Amadu circulating on social media, with similar calls by some sections of NPP youth for him to come and contest as a Member of Parliament on the ticket of the ruling party.This has also caused a lot of debate in the constituency.

The Ayawaso North Constituency has been a stronghold of the NDC since it was carved out of the Ayawaso East Constituency in 2008.
But the major question that is still unanswered is why both parties are calling and insisting on him to come out and contest the election when they know he is not a politician but rather a philanthropist and a businessman.

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