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TIAST Group Partners ERCC to Strengthen Agricultural Industrialization.

TIAST Group in collaboration with the Eastern Regional Coordinating Council organized a grand conference and exhibition in the Eastern Region to promote agribusinesses and to challenge investors, farmers, and all stakeholders to add value to their agricultural produce.

The two-day event which was held at the Centre for National Culture in Koforidua from 14th to 15th September, 2022 attracted over 90 agribusinesses across the agribusiness value chain with the aim of industrializing the agricultural sector and adding value to crops for exports.

Speaking under the theme “Achieving Agricultural Industrialization through Eastern Commodity Satellite Market: Financial and Technical Support of TIAST”, the Eastern Regional Minister, Honourable Seth Acheampong, highlighted the need for the region to do more processing in order to secure the country’s food system and help the country achieve economic growth.

“The Eastern Region has contributed significantly in terms of agricultural productivity in Ghana’s agricultural sector,” he said.

“It is therefore not surprising at all that a reputable institution such as TIAST has decided to partner with us in organizing this wonderful conference and exhibition,” the Minister added.
According to him, the initiative by TIAST Group to provide financial, technical and offtake support to farmers, investors and interested parties is a laudable one taking into consideration the opportunities it will present to the Eastern region in terms of employment opportunities, advanced mode of farming, economic growth and development.

This, he said, is best achievable with the agricultural industrialization drive set by TIAST Group to help the Eastern Region.
Stressing the importance of agricultural industrialization, Hon. Seth Acheampong disclosed, “It is my wish that in less than a year, we will hear of multi-million dollar cassava processing companies and other commodity processing interventions being established in our prestigious Eastern region.”
He urged all investors present at the conference to interact, connect and purchase products advertised and exhibited by the small-medium enterprises in the agribusiness value chain.

Also speaking at the conference, the Chairperson of TIAST Group, Madam Lisa Hao, said the main purpose of TIAST Group in the Eastern Region was to push the concept of agricultural industrialization to the locals and help the region industrialize the agricultural sector.

“We are bringing to light the good wealth in the agricultural sector. We have partnered with Stanbic Bank, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Ministry of Trade and Industry to set up fully-automated processing factories for our partners.

“We are focused on processing crops like cassava, sisal, potato, rice and rubber.
“Our partnership with Banks afford our partners with financial leasing for setting up a full-automated processing factory.

“The financial support covers up to 70 to 80 percent of the total cost of the processing factory,” she highlighted.

Speaking extensively on the modules of TIAST Group, the Director of the Ghana Business Development Team, Madam Priscilla Fiati, explained that TIAST Group had already secured a ready market on the international market for its partners when a processing factory is established for them.

Placing emphasis on the effects of post-harvest losses in the country, she explained that TIAST Group was keen on adding value to crops, especially cassava into starch.
In addition, she highlighted that TIAST Group exports all processed commodities to the international market weekly due to its connection to the international market, coupled with the high demand for cassava starch which is used in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, paints, and other industries.

TIAST Group in partnership with Stanbic Bank provides 70 to 80 percent financial support to farmers, investors, and individuals interested in setting up an agro-processing factory.

The event witnessed the presence of the Eastern Regional Minister, Honourable Seth Acheampong, the Eastern Regional Director of Agriculture, Mr. Henry Crentsil, the Chairperson of TIAST Group, Madam Lisa Hao, the Chief Executive Officer of TIAST Ghana, Mr. David Tai, the first counselor in charge of economic issues at the Embassy of Guinea in Accra, Mr. Abdul Aziz Diallo, the Head of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) in the Eastern Region, Mr. George Adomako, extension officers, and many other dignitaries.

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