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NPP National Executives Elections: Titus Glover Lost Some Votes Because of ‘Transport Fares

Information reaching this blog indicates that Titus Glover lost the votes of several delegates due to ‘squandered’ transportation allowance (T&T) due some delegates in the Eastern Region.

The source states that, one of such heinous crimes was carried out by the New Juaben North Constituency Treasurer, whom many call Mr. Bonsu.

According to the source, the entire Constituency executives of the New Juaben North initially thought Hon. Titus had ignored them and therefore expressed a lot of misgivings about the way his campaign was being ran, especially, regarding his refusal to offer them T&T allowance which is a convention understood by all aspirants.

The matter however turned out that, Hon Titus had actually given them the T&T allowance which was handed over to the Constituency treasurer, Mr. Bonsu, but he cunningly pocketed the money. This incident caused a lot of disaffection for Titus, especially among the Eastern Region delegates as they thought Hon Titus was being selective.

There was however a shocking revelation when some Executives from both Fanteakwa North and New Juaben south Constituencies who witnessed the T&T being handed over to Mr. Maxwell Bonsu, the Juaben North treasurer, disclosed the thievery committed by the latter.

The revelation, though good news, could not salvage the situation as most delegates had already made up their minds; not even the replacement of the stolen money by Titus could do the magic.

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