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TIAST Vows to Empower Women in Agric for Accelerated growth.

TIAST Ghana, an agro-processing company in Ghana has expressed its commitment to empower women gain financial and technical assistance to accelerate growth and development.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GEPA, Dr. Afua Asabea Asare, the project TIAST Ghana is bringing on board is one that will empower women to do more in the agricultural sector.

Speaking at a conference to outline TIAST’s agenda to Ghanaian women at Canwin Hotel, she mentioned that the cassava starch production initiative introduced by TIAST Ghana is very profitable thus women should produce more cassava and partner with TIAST to add value to the cassava.

“We are excited TIAST is here to add value to our crops, such as cassava,” she said when delivering her speech.

She added, “Cassava starch is in high demand globally for use in pharmaceuticals and textiles industry.” She mentioned this in relation to the numerous advantages and opportunities cassava starch production brings to the agricultural sector.

On the part of GEPA, she highlighted, “GEPA has positioned itself to help women in agriculture export their products.”

In furtherance to her speech, she introduced the women present to the “Impact Hub”, an initiative where women in agriculture are trained and given practical skills in how to add value to their products and export them on the international market.

Also, the International Business Manager at TIAST West Africa Company Limited, Ms. Irene Sackey outlined the policies the agro-processing company has put in place to empower women to champion agricultural industrialization in Ghana and West Africa at large.

She said, “TIAST provides technical and financial support for farmers, investors, and entrepreneurs who have an interest in processing their crops into more worthy valuable products.”

In relation to the financial support, she disclosed that TIAST provides 70-80% financial leasing for women or interested parties and individuals who want to go into agro-processing.

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