Monday, April 22, 2024

Ghanaian student tells of ordeal fleeing Ukraine

Hortor Jospeh Kwabala – a Ghanaian medical student who was until last week studying in Ukraine’s second largest city, Kharkiv – has managed to arrive in Hungary after a four-day journey.

Kharkiv was the scene of fierce fighting over the weekend and Ukrainian forces say they’ve now re-taken it from Russian forces.

Mr Kwabala managed to find safety across the border in Hungary. But like many of the Africans who’ve documented their experiences on social media, he said it was a harrowing ordeal.

He told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme they had to pay for their tickets from Kharkiv to the Ukrainian-Hungarian border.

He added they were forced to wait for five hours before they could receive their tickets and then they were made to stand overnight before they could board the train.

He said once on the Hungarian side, they had tea and biscuits offered to them and free train tickets to Budapest.

Now, Mr Kwabala is uncertain what the future holds for him, stranded in Hungry with no means to return home to Ghana.


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