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TIAST Admonishes Akokoaso Locals to Sign on the TIAST Project.

An agro processing company in Ghana, TIAST Group, sensitized farmers and the traditional council of Akokoaso village in the Eastern Region on the immense benefits TIAST partnership with locals to establish processing factories is instrumental in generating revenue and improving livelihoods.

TIAST Group urged the Akokoaso traditional council and the locals to take advantage of the project TIAST has brought on board to spur growth in the agricultural sector.

In a presentation delivered by Mrs. Alberta Sefa-Boampong, a Business Development Manager at TIAST Ghana, she disclosed that with the ‘TIAST Project’, the company sets up a fully-automated cassava starch processing factory and provides quick offtake services as well.

She stated that TIAST has an already existing market of cassava starch on the international market with standard international market prices. She added that the partnering company is able to gain quick returns to help operate and manage the processing line.

In her presentation, Mrs. Alberta said that “We have a huge demand of cassava starch in China, so every week we must export some starch. Also, due to our recognition in China, it is very easy for us to export your cassava starch for you on the international market.”

Also, she pointed out that a ton of cassava starch which was sold previously for $ 480 is currently sold for $490 due to its high demand on the global market.

“I think two months ago, the price we had for cassava starch on the international market was 480 US Dollars and today it is 490 US Dollars and that is because of the huge demand of cassava starch,” she revealed.

She pointed out the partnership the company has with Stanbic Bank, saying that the partnership between the two bodies is to provide financial assistance to those who show interest to sign on the TIAST project.

“We have seen that financial constraints are hindering farmers and locals to add value to our crops. Because of this, we have signed a partnership with Stanbic Bank to give financial assistance to farmers and clients who want to sign on the cassava starch processing project,” Mrs. Sefa-Boampong stated.

The Chief of Akokoaso village, Nana Pobi Asomanin III, expressed his profound gratitude to the entire team of TIAST Group and for identifying the Akokoaso village as one of its targets.

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