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Islamic Cleric hints of next West African country to witness a coup after Burkina Faso

Popular Ghanaian Islamic Cleric, Numerologist and Philosopher, Mallam Sham-una Uztaz Jibril, has dropped a hint of the next West African country to witness a coup d’etat after Burkina Faso.

Though he would not mention the name of the country directly, his explanation suggests it is a francophone country that has the same resources as its sister nation.

In a post on his Facebook, he indicates that the country in question has her sister country located close and bigger than her in terms of geographical size and population.

Read his post below;

Dot clue to the next West African country which will experience coup d’état or political unrest immediately after that of Burkina Faso “it is the only country in Africa that has its sister country with similar natural resources with common culture”.

To further tween your mind closer to the West African country under the discussion, her sister country can be located at where it is and the sister West African country is bigger than her in terms of geographical size and population.

so far so very good.

Below are the images of the ex-presidents that my prophecy captured regarding coup d’état or political unrest in Africa, the sixth will be the birth and the outdooring of this article.

five conservative times and all were accurate!!! don’t think, don’t ask, don’t guess it’s the power of the holy Qur’an.

This is the tiniest miracles of the book (the holy qur’an) by the hopeless student of Prophet Mohammed (s. a.w) if science and technology or any book or any powers other than what the Qur’an can do, that thing can ahead and exhibit only three (3) of these. the green light is given. and insha allah you will see the sixth one very soon which will add up to beautify my spiritual curriculum vital.

NB: one should not think that the miracles are only limited to only African presidents but the world at large, I refer you to my post dated 29th may, 2021 on the topic “global slippery month from June to end of 2021”. in which Benjamin Neteyaw of Israel was part of the prophecy, late hitti president to mention just a few.

 the details of the unseen is in the hands of allah.


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