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“I’m afraid to drive my Land Cruiser in town” – Mahama Ayariga

Member of Parliament for Bawku Central, Mahama Ayariga, has disclosed that he is scared to drive his Land Cruiser vehicle in town due to the current state of the economy.

According to him in an interview with GhanaWeb, the poor state of the economy has really infuriated citizens in such a way that he does not feel comfortable driving in his Land Cruiser because they might do anything to hurt him since they think they (Ministers) are the main cause of the problem of the state.

“They are angry because they can’t even get public transport to move in comfort from one location to the other then I the one elected by them to go and fix the problem I buy myself the latest Land Cruiser and im driving in comfort and they are standing by the roadside waiting for Trotro. Because I’m superintending over a dysfunctional public system and I insulate myself from it by buying luxury Land Cruiser for myself is reason to be angry”, he said.

He however added that, although people do not like coups, but looking at the recent coups in nebouring countries, the people are really okay with it because it addresses their anger.

“People are very angry and that is why a soldier takes up arms even though they may not like military rule momentarily it addressed their anger”.

“These days, everybody finishes school and the first thing they want to do is to go into politics because they feel we in the political class get it easy while they are suffering. I think it has become the case just look at the young politicians and how they are flaunting their wealth in the face of the suffering masses of the people who have elected us to come and represent them and I see that across the sub-region and I see that democracy is not necessarily producing leaders who are problem solvers producing people who are in league with capitalism to even further exploit the ordinary people and amass wealth that they share between the political elite and business aristocrat this is a development you see across the sub-region,” he noted.

He therefore advised the country to pay needed attention to the anger of the citizens or else ‘they will laugh at the wrong side of their mouth’.

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