Wednesday, April 10, 2024

E-levy is a Theft not a Tax-Sammy Gyamfi.

The national communication director for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Sammy Gyamfi in an interview on Tv3 yesterday says the introduction of E-levy as a source of revenue is a theft not a tax.

According to him, the incumbent government exposing recklessness and tax economic mismanagement by imposing harsh policies including e-levy on the already suffering masses.

“Our economy is in shambles, our economy is in gutters, our economy has collapsed, in fact as we speak we don’t have an economy. The Finance Minister agrees to it, you all heard him say that without the passage of the e-levy, our economy will collapse.”

“Now if you have an economy that according to the Finance Minister that is going to collapse, a policy that can only bring you some 6.9billion cedis is not approved, then it means the economy has already collapsed.”

“We’ve got to a point where we are no longer or we are high risk of distress and that’s why for the first time in the history of this fourth Republic, we’ve not gotten there as a nation, even our Hipic days, we had a better economic management than what we are seeing now”.

“Today, our public debt have risen from 120billion as at December 2016 as Mahama’s administration was leaving office to 344.5billion and have nothing to show for it”.

He further urge all Ghanaians to stay calm as 2024 is fast approaching for them to vote Akufo Addo and his government out for NDC to take over office.

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