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Perceptions can’t Only be Basis to Measure Corruption- Stephen Amoah.

The member of the Finance Committee in Parliament and the MP for Nhiaeso Dr Stephen Amoah says perception should not be the only basis to measure corruption he insist that there must be clear evidence to ensure that those who involve in corruption face the consequences.

“We can’t throw away perception, I respect that but I’m saying is that it can influence decision making that’s why he listing them, I agree with him hundrend percent, it can and that’s why we should also be careful that this perception will be such that about ninety percent of the time should be true because some of the perceptions are entirely false and some are also possibly true”.

“We are limiting corruption to only NDC and NPP, but can we save the police? That doesn’t mean all policemen no, I can’t say that there are good ones and bad ones, even NDC, NPP there are good ones and bad ones.’’

“I’m saying that things in the public domain that due people’s perception, we should look at that carefully, because corruption is a very big issue, some people don’t want to even pay tax but they keep abusing funds which is true’’.

‘’Sometimes perception influence their decision not to also pick enforcement of even anti-corruption tools, we are not doing that well. NDC, NPP are there, but the issue is those in charge of these institutions are also not helping Mahama and Nana Addo’’.

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