Monday, April 22, 2024

Kuli Residents Cry for Help.

Residents of Kuli in the Ketu North district of the Volta region have called on the government and philanthropists to come to their aid for bad roads in the area to be fixed to ease vehicular movement.

According to the assembly member of the Kuli electoral area Mr. Godwin Gbenyo, the bad nature of the road that links the town to its nearby villages are in a deplorable state, making vehicular movement difficult for the people of the area.

He further added that due to the bad nature of the road, residents are unable to transport their farm produce to the various market centres.
Mr. Gbenyo lamented on the dire consequences the bad roads have impacted on the people of the area and most especially farmers.

“Farmers in my area have been completely put off farming due to bad roads because they find it very difficult to carry their farm produce to the market centres “ he further lamented.

“I have done all I could to help my people but to no avail, I will be glad if the government and private organisations will hear our cry and intervene immediately “ he pleaded.

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