Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Zini Primary/JHS Appeals for New E-Block.

Madam Aisha Batong Hor the District Chief Executive for Sissala West in the Upper West region have appealed to the government and private institutions to come to their aid and build a new school block for the residents.

According to the DCE, the Zina Primary and Junior High School’s dilapidated structure is negatively impacting teaching and learning. She therefore explained that the school is in dire need of new school building.

“The school children in my district are completely cut off in terms of quality education, how can these young ones be learning under these conditions where there are no desks, the few ones are all broken down, how can they compete with those who have access to all it takes to study, my people can’t continue to be left behind”.

She therefore appealed to the government and private organizations to intervene with immediate effect and help these young ones in her area. “If education is the key to success, then the people in my district deserve it as well”

Watch pictures and video below

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