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TIAST Group Participates in Regional Directors Conference.

TIAST Group Ghana at the invitation of the Regional Directors conference held in Takoradi afforded TIAST the opportunity to outline some key strategies and policies the company has put in place to journey the road of agricultural industrialization on January 18, 2022 at the SSNIT Conference Hall.

The conference was held under the theme “Strengthening data and information systems for effective agricultural policy planning and implementation-The role of Regional Director” and it witnessed deliberations on how the Department of Agriculture and its indigenous agricultural organizations are helping to promote sustainability in the agricultural sector.

A Business Development Manager at TIAST GROUP, Mrs. Alberta Sefa-Boampong, during her presentation outlined what TIAST offers to its clients who want to go into agro processing, especially with cassava processing. She mentioned that TIAST GROUP sets up a fully-automated factory for cassava starch processing and provides on-site technical services where qualified engineers see to the running and operation of the processing line.

“We are looking at setting up a huge factory, and our technical service includes factory maintenance. We also have Chinese engineers helping you to maintain the operation of the factory,” she disclosed.

She however, highlighted that TIAST GROUP is more focused on localization where locals will be trained to run and operate the machinery in the factory. “We have one main mandate or one core mandate which is localization. We believe that it wouldn’t be appropriate to set up a factory and leave it to be run by the Chinese engineer. We train the local team that the partner brings on board, so that they are able to manage the factory,” she further added.

Also, the Chief Executive Officer of TIAST Ghana, Mr. Freca Xiao highlighted that the company needs to strengthen its relationship with all stakeholders in the agricultural industry in order to champion the industrialization agenda and share information easily.

In his presentation, Mr. Xiao indicated that “TIAST Ghana is trying to give information to clients on the processing of other crops aside cassava and the kind of machinery needed to process those crops.”

After the presentation was delivered by TIAST GROUP, some Regional Directors present asked some questions, and Mrs. Sefa-Boampong responded to those set of questions before the closure of the conference.

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