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‘My Courtroom is as Hot as Oven’- Justice Kwofie laments.

The trial judge on the case involving Ernest Thompson, a former Director-General of SSNIT, Justice Henry Anthony Kwofie, has lamented that the heat in the Criminal Court 5 room, is as hot as an oven.

Justice Kwofie who is a Justice of Court of Appeal with other responsibility as a High Court judge on the SSNIT Operational Business Suite (OBS) case.

Upon calling the Court to order, His lordship observed that the air-conditioning system went off and the temperature of the room started getting rather high every minute.

His lordship, halfway into the trial became visibily uncomfortable with the heat in the courtroom thereby summoned managers of the High Court Complex to explain the situation.

The officials in charge of the facility said that some components of the air-conditioning system had broken and could only be procured abroad.

They explained to the court that the said components had been bought from China and were on the seas to Ghana and were confident the situation would be addressed within a month.

Though, His lordship was not entirely impressed with the explanation therefore said that condition under which the court was forced to work is unfair and wondered why standing fans had not been purchased as a temporary measure.

He further told the court to submit copies of all the letters they had written on the matter, so he takes up with the Judicial Secretary.


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