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Chief Imam condemns Nima clashes

The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osumanu Nuhu Shaarubtu has condemned the Nima Maamobi clashes which happened on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

He said the violent acts perpetrated by some of the youth of the community are unislamic and they must desist from any act that will endanger people’s lives.

The Chief Imam was speaking at his residence when he met with the 16 regional imams and some Zongo chiefs. He expressed his disappointment in the actions of the youth and called on them to uphold the principles of respect for human blood and sanctity of human lives.

“We express our disappointment and express our condemnation that what happened is not in accordance with the teaching of Islam. We call on the Muslim youth in Accra, Mamobi, here and across, that we must all uphold the principles of respect for human blood and sanctity of human lives. We want to say on behalf of the eminent Chief Imam, we call on all imams to make a subject on sermon on every Friday, guiding the educating our youth to find something better to do with their lives’

He also appealed to the chiefs in the communities to ensure peace prevail.

“Similarly, we call on all chiefs in our communities to also use this occasion to strengthen the result to continue to use our culture and tradition of peace. We encourage our young people to eschew violence, idealness and not be used by anybody to foment trouble. What happened yesterday was an eyesore and we hope will never see it happen again”

On Tuesday January 18, 2022, some irate youth of Nima and Mamobi clashed with some wielding machetes and firing gun shots. This led to residents of the area running for their lives.

The Police say the incident was as a result of a feud between two rival gangs in Nima and Mamobi and so far, seven people have been arrested. Five are currently with the Police and two on hospital admission under Police guard.

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