Friday, July 12, 2024

Drivers Frustrated Over Fuel Price Increment.

Some drivers across the country have expressed frustration over fuel prices recently at the various fuel filling stations across the country.

According to these drivers, they demonstrated for the government to reduce fuel prices but only for us to see otherwise, the fuel price is now increased and it has really impacted our business negatively.

There has been many complains about the fuel price increment at various fuel filling stations but the reason for the increment is indeed a heavy blow on drivers, they are frustrated.

‘’We plead with government to reduce the petrol for us, that was I think a month or two months ago that government reduced it a bit but two weeks ago it has increased again so we are pleading with the government to do something positive about it for us”.

“As for me, I am an uber driver and this is what I do to take care of my family, the fuel increment is going too high and it really affecting us’’.

“We are on knees begging for reduction “ drivers urge government.

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