Monday, June 17, 2024

Ayisha Modi gave me only GHC500 and soft drinks- TT reveals

Veteran actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio popularly known as TT, has debunked Aisha Modi’s claim of giving him huge sum of money that is worth someone’s one-year salary.

According to him in an interview with OkayFM’s Halifix, Aisha Modi, only sent some young people to his house with some soft drinks, and a cash of GHC500 which after that, she called him from US and promised to give him a piece of land and a house which he hadn’t heard anything about that since that day.

This however came up after TT was seen in a viral audio clip begging MzGee for leftovers which Aisha Modi however broke silence and stated she donated a huge sum of money to him(TT) which is worth someone’s one-year salary at the same time the Vice President also donated his to him. And so she doesn’t understand why he is still begging from the public.

“I also donated. He made over a billion four months ago bro. This is just too much. We know the country is hard but the amount I gave TT last year is someone’s one year pay in Ghana. If TT made an investment from all the money we gave him, he can be making about GHC6,000 a month bro. So what kind of investment is he talking about? I invested $50,000  at a bank in Ghana and I make $6,000 profit every six months”, Ayisha wrote on social media.


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