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Parents of Autistic Children Calls for Public Education.

Some parents of autistic children in the Greater Accra are calling on the government and media outlets across the country to educate the public on autism to help reduce stigmatization.

The parents explained that educating the public on autism will help create awareness on children living with autism hence reduce the rampant stigmatization such parents and their children face in societies in which they live.

In an interview, one of the parents, narrated how people make mockery of his child.

Mr. Tawiah stated that there is a need for the public to be educated on autism and other multiple disabilities to help reduce the high level of stigmatization of autistic children in the country and beyond.

“My beloved son is called all sorts of names and rejected by the society “. He lamented.

“Sometimes going out with my son is a problem due to how people look at you and the perception about autistic children, I will be glad if the government and the media take it seriously and educate the people of Ghana to eradicate the stigmatization we are facing “. he added.

He however, urged all parents of autistic children to ignore the mockery and the stigma and take good care of their wards.

“They are gifts from the Almighty God just as any other child “. He further stated.

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