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One of Joyce Blessing’s Children turned out as ‘Paternity Excluded’ after DNA Test

According to reports and contrary to the rumours, only one of Joyce Blessing’s children has a different father from the rest.

Peace FM with radio broadcaster Kwesi Aboagye disquieted rumours when he disclosed that Dave Joy carried out the DNA tests without consent from his estranged wife, gospel musician Joyce Blessing. And that DNA test revealed that one of the three children was not his.

An interview with lawyer Tweneboa Kodua on whether the consent of each party was needed before the DNA claimed that, according to his investigation, Joyce Blessing was unaware.

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“Our investigation shows that the children were in the custody of the lady. The man went for them saying they were going shopping with them. That was when the sample of the children was taken for the test. So per what we know, the lady never knew about the test. More or less, her consent was never sought,” Kwesi Aboagye said as he laid the premise for the interview.

He also warned individuals spreading false information about the issue to be very careful. He advised that people should be sure of sensitive information before sharing it.

“It is true that he conducted the DNA test, but it is also a lie that two of the children are not his. You can’t be saying or spreading this without any evidence. This is a very sensitive issue. Those of you speeding this should stop. It is a lie. Three tests were conducted, but it was just one that turned out as ‘Paternity Excluded’. Meaning it’s only one of the children, who is not the biological child of Dave Joy,” he added.


Source: 3news.com

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