In their official page on Facebook( KNUST), the names of the students are mentioned in addition with the offense and its accompanying punishment they each committed.

The first person who is known to be Rexford Joseph Bonney, has been rusticate for two academic years for engaging in an unauthorised installation of the Odikro of Unity Hall.

The second person known as Baffour Owusu Konadu, has also been rusticated for a whole academic year for gross misconduct and bringing the name of the school into disrepute.

Patrick Dwmena Sekyere who happens to be the third person on the list, has been served with an indefinite suspension for extorting money from some students with the promise of securing an accommodation for them.

Lastly, Dwumah Ramsay Osei-Tutu, the fourth suspect on the list, has faced a total dismissal from the school for stealing two laptops from the school’s main library on different occasions.