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The recent Madina Business Forum, a collaboration between the Mother of All Nations Foundation and the Madina Festival organizing team, has sparked optimism and enthusiasm among local businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. The objective of the forum, held as part of the Madina Festival, was to engage, educate, and empower local business proprietors and potential business enthusiasts.

Mr. Ali Zuladain, General Manager of Benab Oil and  Baina Television, Rabiu Maude, a prominent forex trader and real estate developer affectionately known as the Zongo Youth President, and Yakubu Alfa Suleiman, Ghana journalism for peace and security  and Dr. Nasiba Taahir Swallah, board member of the Mother of All Nations Foundation among many others  were present at the forum.

The panel discussion, moderated by Ishaq Abubakar Zico Newton, Executive Director of the Mother of All Nations Foundation and a key member of the organizing team for the Madina Festival, addressed crucial issues pertaining to entrepreneurship, economic growth, and community development of madina and Ghana as a whole.

Yakubu Alfa Suleiman, emphasized the significance of Madina enterprises supporting initiatives such as the Madina Business Forum. He stated, “Corporate Ghana in Madina should support this initiative because it has the potential to substantially benefit our people and businesses. This will have a direct impact on the prosperity and development of our community.”

The Zongo Youth President, Rabiu Maude, proposed that the Madina Business Forum model be replicated in other inner-city communities across the country. He believes that such initiatives could help alleviate destitution and foster economic growth in underserved areas.

Mr. Yakubu Abdul-Jabir Lantam, Co-Founder of Coldsis IT Solutions, Mr. Aburof Mustaphur Kishki, CEO of Final Point Foundation and renowned motivational speaker, and Mr. Diamond Freeman Mikado, CEO of Vindice Investment and family business consultant, were among the notable panelists at the event. Hajia Sauda Mohammed, the CEO of Hajia Sauda Restaurants, and Mr. Elikem, the Relationship Officer at GT Bank Madina Branch, also contributed their perspectives.

Local enterprises and entrepreneurs were provided with a sense of purpose and commitment by the Madina Business Forum. It is anticipated that this collaborative effort will pave the way for sustainable economic growth and development in Madina, and potentially serve as a model for similar initiatives in other communities across the nation.

The Mother of All Nations Foundation and the administrators of the Madina Festival are thrilled with the positive response and are eager to capitalize on the momentum generated by this event.

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