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Kafui Danku in the heart of man – The epic of Kindness

In the world where kindness is scarce and humanity are living in isolation, it is not only rare to meet people full of kindness and compassionate to the agonies  of their fellow human but it is almost impossible to come across good people.

It is very common to find people of blood relation to be at war with each other and hurting each other in many ways.

However,  there is a saying that good people still exist and it is not a mere saying as far as I know of the existence of one nice soul this land of ours has produced.  Aside being an epitome of beauty,  she is also an epic of kindness.

  • The beautiful actress and her husband

To err is human and human being are but all fallible,  she is not perfect but her personality is synonymous to perfection.


In this article I have endeavor to eulogize the beautiful actress and movie producer Kafui Danku not for her professional lifestyle,  but for her Kindness living and philanthropic per suit .

The name Kafui Danku comes to mind only as an Actress or probably as the Actress who is married to the very old man , but today I will like to shift the paradigm to a different perspective.

The 39 year old damsel actress who hails from the Volta region, is such a kindhearted person who has opted not to premier her act of kindness at silver bird cinema,  but to let it be between she and her maker.

On numerous occasion she has reached out to people who goes to her for help. She uses her social media pages to solicit for help for distressed fellows who reach to her on daily basis for help

Social media Influencer

She is noted on social media as the only celebrity who will respond to your message anytime even when you say hi she will reply to it.

She has used her page to influenced and impact a lot of peoples lives in the positive way.

She is full of  optimism and positive energy whenever she makes a post on her wall. You may disagree with her on certain things but hey she is blessed with a lot of intellect

She affable,  beautiful,  kind and compassionate all the time.

www.thenewgh.com says big ups to Davi Kafui Danku for such a personality you got.

Just enjoy her beauty below

Disclaimer :

Kafui Danku has no prior knowledge of this write up. It is just an eulogy from the writer to celebrate her whilst she is alive.


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